Introduction to Social Argentine Tango

This class meets Wednesday night from 7:30 – 8:30 pm starting on January 23, 2019 and going through February 27, 2019. It is an introduction to the art of Social Argentine Tango. It prepares students for our Monday classes, the Wednesday Close Embrace class, attending milongas (social dances), and understanding the codigos of Social Argentine Tango culture. 

Monday Evening Classes

The first class of the Monday evening, Fundamentals of Argentine Tango, begins at 7:30 pm and ends at 8:30 pm.  This class focuses on teaching foundation technique and vocabulary.  This class is designed for people who are new to the dance or wish to refine their technique in a structured setting.  As this class is for people who are newer to the dance, time will be spent explaining the details of the technique.

A typical Monday class schedule might look like this.

7:30 – 7:50 pm  Solo technique (balance, projections, and/or pivots)
7:50 – 8:20 pm  Partner technique (high detail walking and fundamental vocabulary) and fundamental vocabulary.
8:20 – 8:30 pm  Social dancing

We take a short break at this point for snacks.

The second hour, 8:30 – 9:30 pm, Tango Vocabulary and Technique is for people who are familiar with the Tango House of Madison biomechanical model of communication in the dance.  While anyone is welcome to join the class, much less time will be spent on explanations of fundamental technique.  Instead, a more rigorous repetition based approach to refinement will be taken.

A typical Monday night class schedule is shown below.

8:30 – 8:50 pm  Presentation of information and skill development.
8:50 – 9:15 pm  Practice as a couple.
9:15 – 9:30 pm  Social dancing with simulated social dance conditions (i.e. a small floor and navigation obstacles.) 

A typical Monday night class schedule is shown below.

8:30 – 8:50 pm  Solo technique training (balance, projections, and/or pivots)
8:50 – 9:10 pm  Partner technique and cool moves.
9:10 – 9:30 pm  Musicality

  Drop-In: $10.00
With Punchard: $8.00

Whether a student attends one class, all of both classes, or all of one class and part of the other, the cost is the same.

Wednesday Evening Classes

Close Embrace Tango Fundamentals is held when Introduction to Social Argentine Tango is not running and focuses on the underpinnings of sustained close embrace. It is a different world with different guidelines than open embrace. We explore comfort in the embrace, smaller movements in tiny spaces, deeper awareness of our partner, the music, and the other couples to help people find the larger, sometimes much larger, world within the embrace and movements. We explore the physical requirements of close embrace as well as the intellectual and emotional shifts which facilitate creating a dance which is filled with less movement but can have more meaning.

More Close Embrace Tango

Luciana Valle once said that there are wonderful things in open embrace tango and that there are wonderful things in close embrace tango. If you limit yourself to one approach, you’re missing.  It’s an interesting paradox that even though the steps are smaller and the footwork is often less complicated than what would be danced in open embrace, the depth and meaning of the movements can be much deeper, more saturated in close embrace.

More Close Embrace Tango aims to help people make clear distinctions between open and close embrace dancing. The class begins with comfort. From there we explore musicality using inspiration as a guide. Issues of navigation, improvisation, and communication are also addressed, as well as the technical modifications required for some open embrace vocabulary to operate well in close embrace. 

More Close Embrace Tango is supported by Milonga El Abrazo.  Milonga El Abrazo provides a social event where people can use the close embrace skills they develop in class in a small space, close embrace only environment.

Whether you are new to tango or have been dancing for a while, this class is for anyone interested in taking their close embrace dancing deeper, 

  Drop-In: $10
  Punch Card: $8 *

This is for the entire night. Whether you stay for one or both classes, it’s only one punch or the drop-in fee.